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Plan for the future

Have you been wanting to plan a home extension or new home? During the current out-break of COVID-19 it may not seem like the right time to begin this process. The fact is that Perth is still in a very strong position in terms of potential long term growth in the local property market. At Clarke Custom Homes, our core values are providing excellent customer service and high quality workmanship. Our commitment to providing free no-obligation quotes has never been stronger. We can guide you through the whole pre-construction process at a minimal risk for you.

Clarke Custom Homes can arrange for your plans to be drafted and include planning and building approvals. We use an independent designer that can draw up your house plans which will mean that you keep the copyright of your plans. Our independent designer will provide a quote which will be very competitively priced.

Our service includes consultations (which can be online during this period if required), estimating and consulting with the designer. At this time site visits are still permitted and we would follow all government guidelines if a site visit is required. All of this forms part of our free no-obligation quote.

If our estimate is within your budget we can transfer this into a formal quote. Once accepted we will draw up a HIA home building contract which can have an optional get out clause in it if you decide not to proceed at any time before the commencement of construction. We would require only a small deposit to cover the costs of approvals should you wish to proceed to the council application stage. The council applications can sometimes take up to between 3-4 months to obtain should you require full planning approval. With current conditions forecast to last 3-6 months, now is the perfect time to put plans in place to hit the ground running in Spring this year. Also once a building permit is granted we will have 2 years to use it which also provides flexibility.

The facts are the Perth property market will return to growth sooner rather than later and now is a great time to start planning for your build, you will also be taking advantage of faster and cheaper building conditions.

Please contact Ron from Clarke Custom Homes today if you would like to find out more.

T: 0415523294


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