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Western Australia's $20k Building Bonus Package

In further good news for West Australian's who are looking to build a new home today the state government announced a one off bonus payment of $20k for people who build a new home.

Under the $117 million "Building Bonus" scheme, WA homebuyers — both owner-occupiers and investors who build a new house will be eligible for a $20,000 grant. The scheme will not be means tested and there will be no property value caps.

This comes as an addition to the federal governments $25k home builder scheme which was announced earlier this week. This means if you are eligible you would be able to save $45k off the price of your new home build. The "Building Bonus" scheme along with "Home Builder" scheme will run for just over six months, with grants available until December 31, 2020. Further information on how to apply will become available within the coming days.

With this in mind now is the time to contact Clarke Custom Homes to start planning your new custom built home. We can guide through the whole building process from the design process, approvals and onto construction we will look after you every step of the way. You will work directly with the builder throughout the entire process. This has the huge benefits of over 20 years trade and building experience and eliminates the need of sales people which ultimately keeps our overheads low so we can pass on the best possible pricing to our clients. We have a long list of happy clients and we would love to add your name to it. Please contact Ron at Clarke Custom Homes today.

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